Activities - Shiatsu


Shiatsu is an energetic manual therapy that maintains health and prevents disease through a set of pressure and stretching of the body. Shiatsu helps the circulation of energy, QI, and addresses the body and spirit.

What is a shiatsu session like?

Shiatsu is particularly suitable for anyone looking to reduce daily stress, to better manage emotions or seeking comfort and support during treatment. In particular, Shiatsu rebalances the person's energy system. It stimulates and strengthens the immune system to help prevent imbalances and diseases.

At the physical level, shiatsu reduces pain and muscle tension related to stress. It works on blood circulation, the hormonal sphere, sleep, recovery, appetite ... In the mental and emotional levels, shiatsu brings deep relaxation and promotes release and surrender.

This approach that links the body and mind is particularly useful and suitable for psychomotor disorders and mental disorders.

Shiatsu for the association to Help Stimulate Better Living (SPAMV)

This association aims to help children with disabilities and their families to live better with the disability and to arrange their daily lives around the disability.
The workshop aims to build a sensory relation using shiatsu and its touch therapy, with a group of children with multiple disabilities. The children have severe forms of disabilities: psychomotor retardation, Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD), including autism, mental retardation, and no one is able to speak. This is why shiatsu is a wonderful tool for communication as it uses the hands.

To learn more, read this article about the workshop published by the Professional Union of Shiatsu.

The article written after the first workshop (21 november 2015).