The Association

Act for Passion is a non-profit Association founded in Monaco in 2014. Its mission is to help underprivileged children and adults (in need) to benefit from different well-being methods such as yoga, meditation, relaxation, and therapeutic gardening workshops. These techniques are taught by professionals at various yoga and recreational centres in Monaco and its surroundings; as well as at the Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG) in Monaco.

Our teachers are dedicated to helping children and adults on a daily basis to improve their overall well-being; be it through yoga postures for better agility and mindfulness, breathing techniques or therapeutic gardening, and thereby gently leading them to a healthier way of living and a better equilibrium. They also assist them to working towards a better harmony within their own families, and in their daily lives.

The program is open to everyone but our main objective is to care for children and young adults in need of support, especially those struggling with stress, depression, eating disorders, self-destructive behaviour or violence.

Act for Passion actively contributes to bring its knowledge to health professionals at the CHPG in Monaco. The psychiatric unit of the hospital recognises the benefits of yoga and meditation, which reduces aggressive behaviour and in turn favours self-esteem among their patients.

We sponsor therapeutic gardening workshops at the Hospital’s gardens for young patients who suffer from anorexia and other eating disorders. Jessica, the founder of Terre de Monaco, teaches and supervises gardening workshops. The patients learn about plants, fruits and vegetables, seeds, gardening tools, and they take actively part in the planting process.

A psychological evaluation by professionals takes place before, during and after the workshops to assess progress and provide feedback to Act for Passion.

The aim of these gardening workshops is foremost to bring awareness to children and young adults by encouraging healthier eating habits, by being active and feeling useful again, and as such increasing their self-confidence.

The President and the hospital administration have carefully selected yoga professionals to teach yoga, relaxation and meditation to psychologists at the hospital so that these well-being techniques can then be applied to their patients.

Our teachers, who are all members of the Association, are remunerated by Act for Passion on presentation of an invoice.

And finally, we offer evening yoga and meditation classes for up to 8 persons in the Act for Passion yoga studio. The cost is Euro 20 for a 90-minute class. All proceeds are used to finance the Association.

Please call us on should you wish to receive additional information or book a class.

“We believe the practice of yoga is a practice of life, we believe yoga cannot be expressed in words, it has to be experienced. We believe everyone can do yoga and benefit from it”

Social Skills: Helps them in communicating openly with others.
Thinking Skills: Enhances self-reflection and problem solving skills and increases creativity; focuses on solutions not problems.
Emotional Skills: Fosters personal tools to succeed such as confidence, determination and discipline.
Physical Skills: Increases overall fitness levels as well as agility, balance and self-discipline.

Thank you for helping our children in realizing their dream - by giving the gift of wellbeing practices in our communities.

You can support Act for Passion by making a donation or by becoming a benefactor member.

Thank you for your generosity

With our warmest regards

Virginie Bertrand and the Members
Founder and President

Donation can be done by cheque or transfer
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