The Team

Virginie-Fanny Bertrand
Founder and President of the Association Act for Passion

Dear Friends of Act for Passion,

  I have been practising yoga and meditation for the last 20 years with joy and an immense gratitude to all the yogis whom I have met.
Over this period,  whilst working in a stressful professional environment, I was blessed to meet some wonderful people, discover peaceful places filled with positive energy and practice different  yoga styles in the pure yoga philosophy, without judgement.

Yoga means 'union' in Sanskrit. The union of the body and mind, through Pranayama, the breath. This union enables us to change our habits and mental automatism, cleanses our bodies from toxines and opens us towards new energies.

Whilst practising various yoga styles, I discovered many other well being techniques, such as aromatherapy, sylvotherapy,  therapeutic gardening, Tibetan singing bowls, Temazcal and shamanism, the benefits of essential oils and detox techniques.  I also enjoy attending well-being conferences and doing yoga retreats. I practice yoga on a daily basis. On weekends,  I never fail to do a long walk in the nature, wherever I am ; to reconnect with nature is an absolute must for me.

A couple of years ago, I decided to share my passion for yoga and its wonderful benefits with others. In 2014, I founded Act for Passion, a non-profit organisation. We raise funds to finance and offer well-being programs such as yoga and meditation as well as therapeutic gardening to numerous underprivileged children and adults.

Recently, we opened a small studio, available to anyone who wishes to  practice yoga in a calm and privileged environment. Yoga cannot be explained in words,  it has to be experienced.

But all of the above would not be possible without our numerous benevolents members, our patrons and benefactor members, and all those who through their open-mindedness have contributed to Act for Passion.  To each and everyone of them, I would like to express my sincere gratitude. 


Jessica Sbaraglia

Jessica Sbaraglia is the Founder of Terre de Monaco. A company whose purpose is to produce urban agriculture, in particular ecological vegetable gardens, fruit and vegetables, with organic principles, in the ground or on the roofs of Monaco and its neighbouring communes. Starting from scratch in 2016, this company now has 1'400 m2 of market gardening, spread out across different sites in Monaco (Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel, CHPG, Odéon tower, Foundation Prince Albert II), 8 chickens and 4 hives. Jessica is also working closely with the Department of National Education in order to share her knowledge and the various advantages of vegetable gardens.

The Association “Act for Passion” has chosen to finance Therapeutic Gardening Care for young patients of the Monaco psychiatric hospital suffering from anorexia and / or mood disorders / eating disorders, in the gardens of the hospital maintained by the company Terre de Monaco (